Tamil & Eelam Cultural Association in the Netherlands
This lovely site may take time to load if you have a slow connection or older browser, but if you're patient you can find material you won't find anywhere else about Sri Lanka.
RAPS Home Page 5
An alert to the dangers of neuroleptic drugs, from the family of a psychiatric survivor. The site is a little difficult to read, with some very lage font sies, but has some very good information.
School for Designing a Society
A homeless writer's group in Wyoming.
Jesters and Artists of the Muse
A BC arts network

Plant and Vegetable Rights Central
Would you bite into this innocent carrot?
A satirical critique of the excesses of animal rights activism. Not to all -- tastes?

Real Change
Seattle's street-newspaper, voice of the homeless and premier poetry journal.
Another home for homeless art.
Grassroots Music Hunger Program
Our intent is to bring socially conscious artists together in a national forum to alleviate human suffering. We have chosen hunger as our primary target because it is a compelling problem with a viable solution. We welcome any artist's action on behalf of any social cause. We are mainly concerned with rallying our collective talent for permanent change.
Most of Us Are Immigrants, the Outdoor Sculpture of Janet Goldner
Most Of Us Are Immigrants, completed in July 1997, is a site-specific public installation for Sara Roosevelt Park on the Lower East Side of Manhattan which celebrates immigration as an integral and continuing part of the American experience.
Sticks & Stones, the sculpture of Janet Goldner
In her sculptural series, Sticks & Stones, Janet Goldner cuts words into constructed steel sculptures using a welding torch as a drawing instrument, to examine contemporary political and social issues. Vessels and tablets combine political textual information with the sensuous formal appeal of their welded steel surfaces.
Rainbow Circle Forum: Under Construction
Howdy, we're trying to construct a forum, devoted to Truth, that will satisfy everyone... In the meantime, we're trying to ascertain whether hyper-links may be helpful, to determine the validity of one individual's perception of how WE got HERE. Follow the current trail and you might be the one to find the missing link that will bring everyone to ==> understanding.
The Satire Workshop
The Satire Workshop is a pilot project set up to establish a network of active and would be (political) satirists - specifically writers, performers and graphic artists -- so that they can exchange views, get involved and circulate their work.
Theatre of the Oppressed
Augusto Boal has developed an extraordinary approach to theatre in which the means of production are turned over to the community in an interactive, fun, and critical manner. As a presenter/Joker of Theatre of the Oppressed Workshops, Doug Patterson leads participants through the basic games and exercises designed for actors and non-actors alike in an atmosphere of play and critical reflection -- all in the service of generating dialogue and addressing, even solving, problems faced by our many communities.
abbey artworks - monk c. steven
Monk C. Steven is an Australia artist who specialises in portraits and eclectic large canvas paintings. His works cover themes that include sexuality, insanity, enviroment, eccentric individuals and religious revelations.

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