Activist Art Safe Viewing List
Sites containing no content reasonably expected to trigger abuse survivors.

Gallery 826
The expressionist art of Robert Dale Williams. A proud member of Amnesty International since 1994, much of Williams' art addresses human rights issues.

Puppeteers' Cooperative Home Page
68 Ways to Make Really Big Puppets and A Patternbook for Pageants and

Kim's Safe Place
A place of healing, prevention, and awareness, and prevention of child abuse.

Singing Bears: A Home for Activist Art
Home page of the Activist Art WebRing; a community page for connecting those using creative art to transform the world.
Photographically documents progressive protests around the world. Also has an extensive links index, including sites on historically significant activists, plus editorials, reviews, and photo services for sale/hire.
StreetLife Gallery
An innovative program, StreetLife Gallery in Seattle Washington is a self-managed working art gallery that provides work space, display space and materials for homeless and low-income artists. It is creativity that gives us our heart and our strength.
Personal background and story of how one woman made a difference and the artwork born of that experience. It is our hope that her story will inspire and encourage others to realize their strengths.
StreetWrites Workshop for Writers in the Margins
Webpage publications of the StreetWrites workshop of homeless and low-income writers. Our mission is both to increase our skills and to increase the voice of the marginilaized.
Open Hand Theater
OPEN HAND THEATER welcomes people to the art of mask and puppetry. Theater is live art. Our mission is to connect the ancient art and ritual of mask and puppetry with contemporary life. The theater explores the concerns of our technologically advanced culture through the wisdom of myth and fantasy. OPEN HAND THEATER strives to make a positive difference in the lives of our parti
DOLL'S - EYE .. Puppet & Animation Page
DOLL'S - EYE is an online exhibition space and forum for performers, makers and researchers of puppets, dolls and 3d animation or special FX - any practice that calls upon the skills and traditions of the puppeteer. Bi-lingual commands in Japanese and English. This site is opposed to racism.
Homeless Homepage and Forum
A magazine for the publication of articles, fiction or any web compatible expression vaguely relevant to economic justice, ecological sanity or alternative energy. Especially for homeless writers.
Rainbow Circle Forum
Howdy, we're trying to construct a forum, devoted to Truth, that will satisfy everyone... In the meantime, we're trying to ascertain whether hyper-links may be helpful, to determine the validity of individual perception of how WE got HERE. Follow the current trail and you might be the one to find the missing link that will bring everyone to ==> understanding.

The Zone
These pages are dedicated to the people; their HOPES, DREAMS, and DESIRES for creating a world without oppression and exploitation; a world where slavery won't be accepted in ANY form.
"We Are You" Project
Description of a Project to erect a memorial to those who have died homeless, and its current progress.

I believe art is a powerful tool for change and I am committed to using it for positive change. My art reflects my african heritage, my christian faith and my love of jazz.

Norsehorse's Home Turf
Norsehorse's Home Turf present unique & diverse offerings from Morgan W. Brown on spirtuality, oppression, transcendence, activism and much much more. See Norsehorse's Home Turf for yourself!

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